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[3/5/09 12:00 AM]
New Application - Landlord Solution

[2/26/09 12:00 AM]
Optional Feature - Interactive Master plans / Floor plans

[1/22/09 12:00 AM]
Useful Feature - SMS Reminder

[8/25/08 12:00 AM]
New Feature - Dash Board

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[12/30/08 12:00 AM]
Useful Feature - Template Editor
Amlakis advanced Template Editor creates customized templates for documents including Reservation Forms, Sales Contract, Payment Receipts, Letter templates or any document that is required in your business. Templates are simply created as Word documents and are automatically integrated into the system by the template editor. Once integrated your documents are automatically pre-populated with the relevant information from the system. This saves time and significantly increases the productivity of your team.
[1/22/09 12:00 AM]
New Application - Broker Solution
The new Broker Solution from Amlaki is ideal for broker organizations to manage their property sales and rentals efficiently and all transactions of the network of agents. The solution also manages each agents prospects, listings and tasks by sending reminders & notifications agents and keeps track of their commissions. The unique feature of the application is the Portal Manager that interacts with other property listing portals to match client property requirement. This technology saves time in searching for listings and increases the productivity of your agents. The other unique feature is the task manager that send SMS alerts of new prospects & listings to agents even when they are offline.
[2/12/09 12:00 AM]
New Option - Analytical Reporting Tool
This new reporting tool enables you to create generates analytical reports like sales by demographics, income per installment, location wise availability, agent performance report etc. These reports are generated in different formats like bar graph, pie charts and line graphs and are very useful for trend analysis, sales forecast based on current situation, measuring sales performance and many such like reviews.
[8/25/08 12:00 AM]
New Feature - Task Manager
Task Manager is a new feature that enables you to preset upcoming dates and reminders that can be sent though various modes including pop ups, email & sms. Task Manager is a personal reminder tool for all of your users. The SMS notification helps your users even when they are not logged in. Example reminders include cheque collection dates, meeting schedules, follow up dates, and notifications when a listing matches a buyers requirements.
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